Summer School- ONLY for Make- Credit!!


To be certain that Jordan School District will accept the make-up credit, students must check with a school counselor for prior approval before taking make-up classes.


 Valley High School – Summer School

Valley High School

325 West 11000 South, South Jordan, Utah


To get 1 quarter credit:

     3 weeks of class 1 hour each day per class per .25 credit

  8:00-2:00 daily

   Total of 14 hours to make up one quarter

                  $45.00 Registration fee plus $25.00 per class (.25 credit)

               English, History, Science, Math & PE, Computer Tech, Art


Electronic High School

(Broadcast/television @ KULC over the EDNET system or 0n the internet)

Classes available:   check internet site for classes

Cost: $ Free to Utah Students (Proctered test – $35.00)

Contact:  Kathleen Webb, Principal (801)538-7564

BYU Independent Study

Credit:  $126.00 per 1 Semester credit (.50)

High School Courses $ 80.00 per 1 quarter credit (.25)

High School Value Courses $48.00 per 1 quarter credit (.25)

Contact: 1-800-914-8931

       ACT code:  450461  Riverton High School

Northridge Learning Center

Phone:  801-280-7760      3650 West 9800 South, So. Jordan 84095

Open 1pm to 6pm, Monday through Thursday

Packets:  $45.00 per .25 credit



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