College & Career Ready Plan (SEOP)

College & Career Ready Plan  (SEOP)

College & Career Ready Plan is the new term for the SEOP process.  This is a process that students begin in the 7th grade and continue with every year until they graduate from high school.  It involves an annual individual or group meeting with the counselors, where they discuss school achievement, goals, strengths and challenges, the opportunities available in high school and beyond, and any personal concerns.

During the individual & group CCRP counselors may discuss:

* School performance/test scores
* Interests and personality
* Future goals/plans for after high school
* High school graduation requirements
* Programs for earning college credit in high school
* Scholarships and college savings options
* Career and college information

7th Grade

Counselors meet with all 7th graders in their CTE classes throughout the year with exploratory activities that guide students in discovering their personality type, learning styles, and personal career interests, which begin the CCRP process.

These lessons lead up to the CCRP meeting that all parents are invited to in the upcoming 8th grade year.

8th Grade

A five-day career unit is taught in their History class. Counselors then meet one on one with the 8th grade students and their parents for their CCRP. Appointment dates and times are mailed home. If you are unable to attend at the scheduled time, please call the counseling center at 801-412-2410 to reschedule.

9th Grade

In October the 9th grade students experience “Reality Town” which is an event based on a simulated “reality” experience to surviving in the real world. 9th grade students have a five-day career unit for their CCRP during their Geography class, which culminates in a one on one meeting with their counselor. This is usually done in November or December.

Future Planning

High School opportunities (Concurrent enrollment, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate Program (IB), Itineris Early College High School, College Tech Prep, Jordan Applied Technology Centers (JATC West Jordan). (JATC Sandy).

UtahFutures — track your classes, set goals, look-up college and career information, build a resume, take an ACT prep test, and much, much more. Scholars Initiative — an equal opportunity for all Utah students to earn money for college by pursuing a more rigorous core course of study.


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