Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements:  The following is a list of credits that are required to complete and graduate from  High School, grades 9-12.  Students must complete the requirements and have a total of 27 credits to graduate.  Students can access their individual graduation requirements through Skyward, Jordan District’s Student Information System.   Students and parents are encouraged to check their graduation status often to assure proper completion of credits.

 English                       4 Years

 Social Studies          3.5 Years (Geography, World History, US History& US Government/Citizenship)

 Mathematics           3 Years

 Science                    3 Years (

 P.E.                           1.5 Years (9th-PST, 10th-Life Fit., & .50 other P.E., No substitutes allowed for PST & Life Fit.)

 Health                        .5 Year

 Art                             1.5 Years (i.e., Drawing, Photo, Theatre, Music)

Comp. Tech.            .5 Year

Fin. Literacy           .5 Year

CTE                         1.0 Year (i.e., Woods, Foods, Tech Lab)

Electives             10.00 Yearly Credits (8.00 for class of 2011)


Total                  27.00 Credits

9th – 6.00, 10th – 7.00, 11th – 7.00, 12th – 7.00 = 27.00 Total Credits

*Full-time students enrolled in seminary each of the 4 years in high school, must pass each quarter of credit to be on-line for graduation.


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