Test Taking

Steps to Success                                                                                  

1.  Believe in yourself

2.  Be organized

3.  Manage your time well

4.  Be successful in the classroom

5.  Take good notes

6.  Know how to read a text book

7.  Study smart

8.  Use test taking strategies

9.  Get help when you need it

Test Taking Strategies                                                                               

1.  Prepare Yourself

– Attend all classes, if you miss a class make sure to speak with the teacher about missing work.
– Ask questions!  If you don’t understand something, chances are other students don’t as well.
– Listen for key phrases such as: “The 3 main ideas are…..” and take note of these.
– Get help before or after school if you need it.

2.  Take Good Notes

– Be an active listener (think about and try to understand the information being taught.)
– Taking notes will help you to pay attention.
– Recognize important information (anything the teacher emphasizes or writes on the board.)
– Review notes every day when you get home.
– If you’re absent get the lecture notes from a friend.

3.  Create Learning Aids

– Use flash cards to learn vocabulary or technical terms.
– Use acronyms: make a word out of the first letter of terms to be memorized.
– Make charts and/or time lines to keep track of historical events.
– Use outlines to help break information down into smaller units that are easier to remember.
– Reciting/repeating something out loud can help you with memorization.
– Create rhymes that will help you remember the facts.
– Create a song to help you remember the important information you need to know.

4.  Take a Practice Test

– Ask your teacher if they have a practice test you can use or…..make your own by anticipating what questions may be asked.
– Ask a parent or friend to quiz you by going over your notes or flash cards.

5.  Be Kind to Yourself

– Get plenty of rest the night before an exam, don’t stay up all night cramming!
– Wake up early so you’re not rushed the day of a test.
– Eat a good breakfast the morning of the test.
– Wear comfortable clothing and dress in layers so you’re prepared no matter what temperature the room is.
– RELAX!  Don’t be anxious, remember to breathe, and have a positive attitude.

6.  Test Time

– Know how much time you have so you can plan your time accordingly.
– Scan the test before your begin, notice how long it is and what kinds of questions are asked.
– Read the directions 2-3 times and make sure you understand what is wanted.
– Look for clue words, sometimes one word will give the answer away.
– If you don’t know the answer to a question mark it, move on, and return to it later.
– Make sure on multiple choice tests that you’re marking your answer on the correct number on your answer sheet.
– Use your common sense.  If you don’t know the correct answer see if you can figure it out by using your common sense.
– If you find yourself getting anxious take a moment: close your eyes, take a deep breath, and tell
yourself you’re doing OK.
– Don’t rush through the test, you don’t get extra credit points for finishing first.
– Double check your answers when you’ve finished.
– Change your answer only if you have a really good reason for doing so, generally your first response is the correct one.

*Keep things in perspective- this is just one day in your life. Doing poorly on a test is not the end of the world.  Learn from the experience, talk to your teacher about what went well and what didn’t so you can improve on future tests!


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